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School students come across multiple choices of subjects during their academic journey. In the school, they are given the ideas and knowledge of every subject in order to ensure their holistic development. Most countries have systems of formal education, which includes a range of subjects. In these systems, students progress and develop a basic knowledge of almost every subject that is necessary for leading the prosperous life. And during their schooling children develop a specific interest in a particular subject that they decide to pursue it in higher study.

School students are naturally curious to learn new things and ask a series of questions until they get practical answers and there is none other than science that can practically prove the existence of the things and their concepts. Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. It is one of the most active subjects that contain a range of hands-on activities including multiple steps experiments. It covers almost everything in the universe, which we can see or can't see. In the truest sense, nothing is beyond the field of science.

When it comes to a basic educational level, science has been divided into three broad subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. All three subjects are based on practical and experiments which are core to science. These subjects are not only for knowledge, but they are the fundamentals for the establishing a prosperous society. Even so, society and science cannot be ever separated into two distinct entities. This makes science one of the best subjects across the world.

On the other hand, the major purpose of science education is to produce the specialist scientists, innovators, technologists and engineers, who can work for the welfare of their society. If you see around the world you can see hundreds of things, like an electric bulb, telephone, aeroplane, cars and much more that are making our lives prosperous and easy to go on.  And how can we forget medicines that are the lifeline of the human. These things have been invented and produced by scientists which are now a vital part of our lives.

So, science as the subject in the school must be far more than description, remembering, and history.  Science can't be learned until students infuse their thought and action. Keeping these facts in mind, school science books should provide the experience far beyond the theory of facts and principles.  There are a wide range of school science books available in the market however, it's the responsibility of the school to select the best books for their students. A school plays a major role in the development of its students and the books are the part of that development process. Lakhmir Singh’s Science is one the best science books that is written to provide complete coverage of the NCERT syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Lakhmir Singh’s Science books come with free CDs. the series of Lakhmir Singh’ Science books are designed and conceptualized with an aim to make science subject more attractive, interesting and understandable to the students.

If you're interested in buying Lakhmir Singh’ Science books online should contact India's best online bookseller, This online store offers the entire series of Lakhmir Singh’ science books at the most competitive prices. Besides, Lakhmir Singh’ science books, they also offer science books from some of the leading publishers and authors. 

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We live in the world of technology where the internet has become the source of knowledge, but the world of the book is still alive. Books are one of the most important educational tools that play important role in human life. It has been scientifically proven that books can make readers smarter by developing their critical thinking skills and building knowledge. 

A child development starts as soon as he/she is born.  And, the importance of books in their development process is vital. In the starting, they will tear, chew and throw a book around, but at last, they will love reading it. In fact, picture books fascinate almost every child.

When it comes to school books, they have a huge impact on education. They not only reflect exam board syllabus, they determine the work level of a student. School books are the great way to help children grow academically and professionally.  Good textbooks are excellent teaching aids across the globe. They're a genuine resource for both teachers and students.

Here are some reasons why books are important for a child’s development:

  • Books play a vital role in the language development of children. Books help them to learn new words and new ways of using the words that they already know.
  • Reading books improves a child’s attention span manifold while making him/her more spontaneous.
  • Books improve Children’s imagination and make them understand the world better.
  • Stories books help children to develop good Social skills which are highly important for leading respectable life in the society.
  • Textbooks offer children a more wide knowledge and experience that enhance their curiosity for deeper subjects or abstract ideas.
  • A book can be a good source of entertainment and replace the TV and computer for part of the day.
  • Children who develop reading habit at an early age have a better chance of getting good jobs later in their lives. They perform much better every area in their lives than those who grew up watching TV and playing games on computers.
  • A book exposes a child's mind to different cultures and languages of the world. As their minds are exposed to globally, it helps them to communicate with depth of thought.
  • Books give children the feeling of relaxation and peace, while inspiring them to do something out-of-box in their life

Books are vital to give children a good start with the competition they'll face in today's competitive society. Opening your children mind to a world of books means helping them to learn a sense of responsibility for what they choose to do and developing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

If you want to buy books for your children, you must visit This is one of the biggest online bookstore offering a wide range of books at the most competitive prices.  They stock thousands of books including textbooks from pre-nursery to 12th Class. This online bookstore carefully selects publishers considering range of things that matter most. 

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