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Oxford Junior Einstein Science Class 4 (With Drill Book)

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Oxford Junior Einstein Science Class 4 (With Drill Book)

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Oxford Junior Einstein A Programme in Primary Science Class 4 (With Drill Book)



Oxford Junior Einstein A Programme in Primary Science Class 4 (With Drill Book)


Oxford University Press


Sumita Bose, Geeta Sen Roy














About the book

The Einstein series is a comprehensive science programme based on the concept of programmed learning. The eight course books in the series for classes 1 to 8 comply fully with the guidelines laid down by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF).


Skill Check Skill-based activity sheets to develop and stimulate scientific skills


  • Fact Store Provides interesting concept-related information
  • Get it Right Clarifies common scientific misconceptions
  • Word Help Explains meanings of difficult words
  • Activity Describes hands on experiments and activities
  • Questions Helps concept recall after every major topic within the chapter
  • Key Terms Lists definitions of new scientific terms
  • Recap Summarizes the chapter in the form of a concept map for quick revision
  • Skill builder Develops HOTS, observation and drawing skills, and communication skills
  • Application-based questions Develops a scientific approach to problem-solving
  • Test Papers A variety of questions to test conceptual understanding of the main topics discussed in the book
  • Concept Check Follow-up review sheets to assess comprehension of key concepts covered in the book
  • Theme-based Poster informative visual learning aid in the form of an infographic

Drill Book

A comprehensive workbook complements the coursebook. It includes:

  • Question banks Enable self-assessment through revision questions for each chapter
  • Diagnostic Tests Evaluate level of preparedness for the final exam and identify areas of weakness with suggestions for remedial action

Each coursebook is supported by a user-friendly interactive app, Oxford Area. Oxford Areal provides linked, digital support for various topics in the textbook in the form of appealing video clips, games, animations, and slideshows. It also includes.

  • Remedial self-assessment called Test Yourself to revise and hone the understanding of key topics
  • A interactive version of the in-text questions of the coursebook
  • A digital copy of the diagnostic tests for virtual practice, analysis, and remedial action

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