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Full Marks English Core For Class 12

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Full Marks English Core For Class 12

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Full marks English Core - 12 has been thoroughly revised and updated as per the latest syllabus issued by CBSE.



Full Marks English Class 12


Full Marks Pvt. Ltd.



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About the Book

This book provides study material for Reading, Writing, Textbooks – Flamingo and Vistas and also the Long Reading Texts (Novels) – Silas Marner and The Invisible Man. It contains summary of all the chapter, Solved Textual Questions and enough of additional questions (solved) based on the question paper designed by the CBSE. At the end of the book, two practice papers and the latest CBSE examination paper have been added. The book provides complete tutorial support to students in such a way that they can master the method to answer confidently types of questions given in their coursebooks developed by the NCERT.


  • Written by experienced authors of repute
  • A unique dedicated website for high value support by providing additional questions, answers, tips etc.
  • Strictly as per NCERT/CBSE curriculum and exam-specifications
  • Various types of questions in additional to those asked in the textbooks
  • Textbook questions solved with ideal answers from the examination-point-view
  • Concepts presented in easy-to-understand points rather than lengthy paragraphs
  • Each unit structured in learner-friendly chunks and logical continuity of ideas
  • Designed to support students of all ability levels
  • A support book way ahead in quality than any other available in category
  • At the end of every chapter varieties of questions have been given under the heading Test Your Skills to test what the student have learnt.
  • The book meets the need of a high quality, up-to-date, dependable and learner-friendly resource. The support website is an added benefit for the users where one can get much more and also an opportunity to share one’s academic complexities.

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