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Britannica ScienceSpark For Class 1

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Britannica ScienceSpark For Class 1

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Britannica ScienceSpark For Class 1



ScienceSpark Book 1


Britannica (India) Pvt. Ltd



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About the book & Series

This revised edition of ScienceSpark is an Encyclopedia Britannica series of eight Science textbooks for classes 1 to 8. Conforming to the vision of the National Curriculum Framework, 2005, ScienceSpark presents a live and growing body of knowledge rather than an overload of information. The series aims to develop in learners the scientific skills of observation, collection of data, investigation, and drawing inferences. It seeks to sensitize learners to the need of a healthy ecological balance and conservation.


  • At a Glance: A graphical representation of the key concepts taught in the chapter
  • Life Skills: Skills that will encourage students to work for the environment
  • Let’s experiment/Activity: Learning by doing develops observation, data collection, inferential skills.
  • Let’s talk: Assimilation of data through group discussions and debates
  • Project: Development of investigative and data interpretation skills
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS): Challenging opportunities to develop analytical skills
  • Infobit: Interesting facts add more information to each topic
  • Go green: Special sections aimed at ecological awareness through ecofacts
  • Check out: Web links encourage further research.
  • Word bank: Word bank of scientific terms
  • Glossary: Provides meanings of difficult words
  • Summative Assessments: Sample tests for two terms
  • CD-Rom: Accompanying each book, the interactive student CD supplements book content through visuals, experiments, animations, interactive exercises, and additional information. The new modules explain the application of scientific facts in sports.
  • Teacher’s Manual: Teacher tool with each book containing lesson plans, assessment aids, and additional assignments
  • Faculty portal: A faculty forum including teacher support material
  • Specific icons alongside exercises and assignments indicate skills for evaluation through continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE).

ScienceSpark has been designed to ignite young minds so as to develop in the learners, scientific attitudes and skills, with a propensity to naturally apply them to all aspects of life always.

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